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About Koi King

Worldclass Nishikigoi straight from Japan

Who is KK?

Your resource for worldclass Nishikigoi

Koi Purchase and Export Service

Koi King is a “Koi purchase and export service company” working from the heart of the Japan Koi industry, Ojiya, Niigata District. From our base we reach the first breeder within 5 minutes. We got our first experience with Japanese Koi in 1994.

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Japan Koi Export About Us

25 Years of Experience

Since 1994 we have been continuously working with Koi, whether this was in Europe or Japan, whether in private sales, retail or wholesale, we have seen all aspects of the market, and therefore we can say we have one of the most wide knowledges available in this market. 25 years’ experience in koi; Purchase, sales, selecting, exporting, Guiding customers on their buying trips and so on.

Japan Koi Export About Us
Koi King – the best way to buy koi in Japan. Get in touch