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Buying Trips in Japan

Worldclass Nishikigoi straight from Japan

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We organise trips to buy your own koi in Japan

Guided Buying Trips

We offer guided buying trips, Koi export, as well as Handpick service, from regular till High grade koi. We speak Japanese, English, German and Dutch. Due to our outstanding relations with the breeders, doors will be opened for us, where they will stay closed to others. If you choose to get on a trip with us you will not regret it. As we have the many experience in all market aspects of the Koi world, we know exactly how to advice you.

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Buying Trips in Japan

From A to Z

We separate ourselves in the market by carefully select the breeders we work with based on experience, health, stocks, bloodlines etc, instead of just going around the scene and buy whatever is possible. We take care of your buying trip from A~Z. We book you the hotel, join you for food, provide you with stock and daily buying lists. And we take care of your logistics.

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Buying Trip for Koi

We take care of everything

Koi King – the best way to buy koi in Japan. Get in touch